Applicant's Journey

LTG Group is one of the largest employers in Lithuania. We manage the country's rail network and provide all related services, so there's plenty of choice. If we are meeting here, perhaps you are a future member of our team. Be sure to check – we may have a job offer that matches your expectations right now. Let’s start the applicant’s journey.


Evaluation of CVs and other information submitted. Once we are satisfied that you meet the requirements, we will contact you to inform you of the next steps in the selection process. If the answer this time is, unfortunately, negative, we will also notify you personally, invite you to check our job adverts and apply for new recruitment opportunities. 


A quality CV is not only an opportunity for us to properly assess your education, experience and skills, but above all it is a candidate's chance to secure the best possible starting position. 


After contacting the selected candidates by phone, video call or during the interview, we talk about their experience, skills, competences, goals and motivation, preliminary financial expectations, and a broader presentation of the position. After this interview, the recruitment team decides which candidates are selected for the next stage of the selection process. 


CVs are not everything! If you have had valuable experience that is not directly relevant to the role, please share it. This better shows the candidate as a professional and helps us to get a better idea of their place in the organisation. 

Making the decision

We will make a job offer to the best-placed candidate. We hope it will be you! 


We value each and every participant for the time, knowledge and experience they give us. If we've chosen you, you're the best, if we haven't, it might not be your time yet, but don't give up and try again. 

Signing an employment contract

Signing an employment contract

Once you have successfully passed all the selection stages, all you have to do is sign the contract and join the LTG team! You are welcome to sign the employment contract with an e-signature. 

And what is the goal of your journey? Join us!