FREE Rail program: LTG was the first in the Baltic States to choose the cargo data exchange system used in Western Europe

The LTG Group, which implements the FREE Rail program for the integration of the railway sector into the European railway system and the resilience-building program, takes another significant step – it joins the Orfeus system of the International Union of Railways (UIC) used in the West, which enables cooperating carriers to transfer CIM waybill data. LTG Cargo, the cargo transportation company of the LTG Group, is the first company in the railway sector in the Baltic States to choose the Western waybill data submission solution, usually used by European standard gauge (1435 mm) carriers, for cargo transportation on the wide (1520 mm) gauge.

CIM waybill (Consignment Note) is a waybill document of a prescribed form for the international transport of goods (cargo) by rail, recognized and applied in the European railway system.

“We are consistently striving for comprehensive integration with Europe – both in terms of business relations, infrastructure, and technology. As the volume of cargo transportation in the western direction continues to grow, in the LTG Group we are consistently looking for opportunities to adapt the solutions used in the West to the wide (1520 mm) railwaygauge. The Orfeus solution will enable both strengthening integration with the West and improving cargo transportation services – consignment notes providing will be automated, therefore, the duration of document preparation will be shortened, and the probability of human errors will decrease. With our choice, we demonstrate that solutions applied in Europe can also work successfully in broad-gauge railways”, says Gediminas Šečkus, Director of Business Resilience at LTG.

In March, the Group company LTG Cargo signed a contract with the International Union of Railways, which operates worldwide and unites representatives of the railway transport sector, based in Paris. The contract signed with the International Union of Railways will enable the company to use the Orfeus system. At the moment, the preparatory work has already started. It is planned that the system of the LTG Group company will start to be used in the last quarter of this year, after the completion of all necessary preparatory work.

The FREE Rail program initiated and implemented by LTG will allow the creation and implementation of a railway operation model adapted to the Baltic region, based on EU standards, best practices and harmonized with broad gauge specifications.