New electric trains

In the summer of 2023, LTG Link signed a EUR 226.5 million contract for new electric and battery powered trains. The first trials of electric and battery-electric trains in Lithuania are planned to start in 2025 and passengers will be able to start their journeys in mid-2026 and early-2027. To date, 9 electric and 6 battery-electric trains are planned to be purchased, but the contract foresees that LTG Link will purchase additional trains if needed. 

The new trains will be of two types: electric and battery-electric. Electric trains will run between the capital and Klaipėda, while battery-electric trains are planned to run between Kaunas and Šiauliai and between Vilnius and Marcinkonys. These trains will be able to travel up to 70 km without additional battery charging. 

The new trains will be comfortable and quiet, making it easy to work or just relax during the journey. They will also be fully accessible for people with reduced mobility: there will be no steps to restrict movement, and all seating will be cosy and comfortable.