Safe Rails project

Trains are one of the safest means of transport. Statistically, travelling by rail is tens of times safer than travelling by road. Accidents on the railways are rare, but the vast majority of them are caused by careless behaviour. To reduce the number of accidents on the railways, we both modernise infrastructure to meet the highest safety standards and educate the public about safe behaviour on the railways. 

The aim of the ‘Safe Rails’ project is to raise public awareness and understanding of railway safety by implementing, together with partners, technical, organisational and educational measures to protect human life and health. 
LTG Infra, a company of the LTG Group, is implementing the following initiatives to improve safety: 

  •  a rail modernisation programme: upgrading level crossings, introducing additional safety measures for pedestrians and trains, such as video surveillance systems and signalling equipment, and installing or reconstructing pedestrian walkways; 
  • level crossings are being reconstructed into two-level interchanges; 
  • additional markings on the access to level crossings and pedestrian crossings; 
  • quarterly campaigns with police officers at the most dangerous level crossings, with the highest rail and road traffic circulation and the highest number of accidents; 
  • lessons on safe behaviour on railways are organised in schools; 
  • social information campaigns are organised near the most dangerous level crossings and are widely publicised. 

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