We prioritise close and proactive communication and cooperation with stakeholders.

Informing communities and other societal stakeholders about the processes relevant to them and involving them in sustainability and other initiatives are essential aspects of our approach. Consequently, we proactively share information about our activities, sector-related issues, and ongoing and planned projects, actively encouraging and maintaining a two-way dialogue.

The Group’s corporate initiatives encompass a broad spectrum, from collaborating with communities to enhance the quality of life for those living near railways to promoting sustainable logistics solutions. Our efforts extend to education on safe behaviour around railways, presenting a modern narrative of railway history, and introducing the public to the work of professionals in the field.

We continuously strengthen accountability and cooperation, fostering a culture of openness and transparency. We recognise that only transparent, open, efficient, and modern governance can drive progress and create the most value for those to whom we are accountable – society as a whole and individual communities.