Special obligations are the functions that a state-owned enterprise (SOE) would not undertake to perform on a commercial basis (or would perform them at a higher price than specified) and which a SOE is entrusted to perform under the State’s decision.  

The relevant list of special obligations performed by SOEs and their subsidiaries was approved on 16 March 2021 under the Order No 4-193 of the Minister of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania (link). 

Special obligations performed by LTG Group: 

  1. Public rail passenger services – the special obligation is performed by the company UAB LTG Link. 
  2. Maintenance, modernisation and development of public railway infrastructure and provision of services of the minimum access package – the special obligation is performed by the company AB LTG Infra. 

The purposes of the special obligations: 

  • To ensure public passenger transportation by rail services and/or public combined passenger transportation on local routes; 
  • To maintain, modernise and expand the public railway infrastructure by implementing the projects provided for in the state investment program and ensuring the use of European Union funds and to provide services of the minimum access package to railway undertakings (carriers) on non-discriminatory terms. 

State budget funds, EU funds are allocated for the implementation of the special obligations, as well as the own funds of the companies of LTG Group are used. For more information, please refer to the annual reports of LTG Group, UAB LTG Link and AB LTG Infra (link).