The history of railway transport in Lithuania began more than 160 years ago, when the first railway line St Petersburg–Warsaw was built in 1861. This was the beginning of the development of railway infrastructure and transport in Lithuania. 

After Lithuania regained its independence in 1918, a railway management system was established in autumn 1919. We consider the inter-war system of railway transport management to be the origins of Lietuvos geležinkeliai. 1 January 1992 Lietuvos geležinkeliai became a state-owned company, administered by an administration appointed by the national government. 

Today, Lietuvos geležinkeliai is the largest railway group in the Baltic States, operating in three main areas: freight operations (LTG Cargo), passenger rail transport (LTG Link) and management, maintenance and development of public railway infrastructure (LTG Infra). The Lithuanian State owns all the shares in the Lietuvos geležinkeliai Group. While LTG Group companies are diverse in their activities, all of our activities and employees are united in our goal to advance the mobility. 

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